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Sales Development ‌• December 4, 2017

We will succeed together or fail together.


“Team Building” is often discussed as something that you do with an already assembled group of people. Excellent team building is so much more. Cliche, right? But it’s the key to everything we do. We will succeed together or fail together.




The Interview.

It all starts with the interview. We want to get to know the candidate and for the candidate to get to know us. We’re vetting one another.


During this process, we consider:

  • Are the candidates skills a fit for what we need to get done?
  • Do we feel like the person will be additive to the way we work, to the way we build software?
  • What can they teach us? Does the candidate feel we fit with the way they like to work?
  • Do they feel that the skills they bring will make all of us better?
  • What can they learn from us?


It’s a mutual decision; we’re going to be in this together, through the good and the challenging, for many projects.


The Roadmap.





The Results.

Through this, our team has:



Delivered an all new User Experience




Road Tripped to Montana for an all company meeting



Shot stuff.




  • Headed to Amsterdam (Bar and Hall) for team “meetings”
  • Push into the evening (and night) to deliver a promise
  • Visit customers to learn what they need and what we can do better


The Future.

There are many moving parts for us to work together, to be the team we want to be, to understand what our customers need, and most importantly what we as humans, as family members, and as developers need to be able to take that next step forward. It is a complicated mix that we do our best to get right everyday. Sometimes we miss. But we reflect. We learn. And then we move forward again. In the end our goal is to do what is necessary to make our customers successful.


(Yes, we did spend 30 some hours in an RV to and from Montana!)



John Sutcliffe
Senior Director Application Development - Driven by data and stoked to bring delight to our customers through a great product

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