Does Your Marketing Suck? (Part I)

Catchy title, isn’t it? Does the fact that some stranger somewhere is asking you if your marketing sucks piss you off? Or does it actually resonate with you insofar as you believe your marketing really does suck? Read More

Are The Leads Really Weak?

One of my favorite scenes from the movie Glenn Gary / Glenn Ross is when Jack Lemon suggests to Alec Baldwin that "the leads are weak." This classic sales training movie demonstrates that sales and marketing have been at odds for quite some time. Read More

The Perfect Sales Day – Part I

I woke up the other morning and picked up my blackberry to find an email from my dedicated tele-sales wing-women. The email was concise and informed me about 10 top leads that I should focus on today. Next to each contact name was a direct dial phone number, a validated email address, and two sentences that provided context for why each contact was qualified and put on my top 10 list for the day. Just as I dialed and the first contact answered, I woke up and realized it was all a dream. Read More