Online Writing Requires Different Style

Have you ever wondered if people read a computer screen differently than they read a normal document?  I recently stumbled across some research that points out the differences.  The Nielsen Norman Group conducted research that tracks the eye movements of readers of… Read More

Can They Ever Get Aligned?

My colleagues and I were having a spirited debate today about who is more culpable for today’s growing sales ineffectiveness, the head of marketing or the head of sales.  Frankly, my belief is that most CEO’s should bear the majority… Read More

Nurturing vs Prospecting

It is interesting to see so many people try to confuse nurturing with prospecting.  In my mind, prospecting is all about finding prospective customers who have a defined need for which my product or service will be a great solution… Read More

Leave Your PC At The Office

I track and follow a few prominent bloggers, one of which is Seth Godin.  Seth had a recent post called “The Talking Pad“. Seth’s point is one of those pet-peeves that has always irked me since my days my days… Read More

Calling High

I came across an interesting blog article discussing why telesales professionals often feel uncomfortable in calling high and speaking with senior executive contacts.  The author makes some intriguing observations about one’s social background and status as potential impediments in having the… Read More

What Does Nurture Mean Anyway?

I am going to reference a blog post ( from a fellow "lead gener" who recently asked his audience a simple question about what to do with web leads; pounce, pause, nurture or wait? It is an interesting question for sure as everyone seems to be looking for the magic recipe in lead nurturing. Read More

The Economy and The Telephone

The phone is, and always will be, an extremely important weapon in any sales person’s arsenal. There is no faster way to identify, qualify and secure opportunity than a personal connection with a prospect. However, since the economic downturn, using… Read More

Exemplar Customer Service = Customer For Life

What makes a customer for life? It starts with a great product that meets the needs of the customer but that alone is not enough. It also takes great customer service after the sale when things go wrong and no matter how great the product is - it enevitably will. Read More

Does Your Marketing Suck? (Part 2)

In my last post I suggested that Marketing should not give up control of the lead qualification process as it minimizes their ability to optimize lead generation efforts and investments. The common belief and tradition is that marketing should just generate more leads and sales will figure out who is ready to buy. This traditional approach worked great in days where the economy was growing and there were plenty of “ready to buy” prospects. In a shrinking or flat market, the “ready to buy” prospects are all but non-existent. Read More

Does Your Marketing Suck? (Part I)

Catchy title, isn’t it? Does the fact that some stranger somewhere is asking you if your marketing sucks piss you off? Or does it actually resonate with you insofar as you believe your marketing really does suck? Read More