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The OppSource Telepursuit process includes a 10 day pursuit cycle involving one-to-one personalized emails and talk tracks.

OppSource Business Development Executives

Our highly-trained team of internal, on-site Business Development Executives connect with and qualify leads in their Moment of Interest® to understand their specific needs, timing, and budget, and to accurately diagnose a next step–whether it is continued nurturing or sending straight to a salesperson for further discussion. We work closely with your team to make sure leads are qualified and scored to your standards.

If you’re looking for greater market agility and better qualified leads, TelePursuit® is a must. More than a call center, TelePursuit® enhances your marketing efforts, resources, and budget, and improves your pursuit of demand by finding and preparing decision makers in order to move everyone through the funnel more efficiently.

Contact us to learn about how our Telepursuit® team is far from a telemarketing service.

What our clients say about us

  • "Instead of just ignoring leads that aren’t immediately qualified, we now keep the conversation going, moving them down the continuum from awareness to preference."
    Global Marketing DirectorMN-Based ERP Company
  • "The OppSource triage process ensures that the right prospects are followed up with immediately when they demonstrate interest. This means GovDelivery can easily track its marketing ROI through the entire funnel."
    VP MarketingGovDelivery
  • "OppSource is the most professional business outreach program I’ve worked with. They make our job of selling so much easier when we can talk with the right people at the right time."
    Chuck French, CEOUniphy Health
  • "When prospects do enter the buying cycle, our company is top of mind thanks to OppSource. It’s not just a one-time shot with our audiences anymore."
    Global Marketing DirectorMN-Based ERP Company
  • "Partnering with OppSource enables us to reach prospects in a more efficient, direct, and measurable way."
    VP Marketing GovDelivery

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