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Marketing and IT: The Newlyweds

Marketing and IT: The Newlyweds

marketing and ITWe all know it is essential to an organization’s success that Sales and Marketing work together. To put it simply, Marketing generates the leads and Sales sells to those leads. But what about the databases that fuel that engine? What about the websites, integrations, workflows, and reporting? Who created the platform you are using to keep all the pieces of your organization together? We cannot forget a major piece of the puzzle: Information Technology (IT).

I had the pleasure of attending a Business Marketing Association (BMA) lunch in Minneapolis a few weeks ago.  Eduardo Conrado, Senior Vice President, Marketing and IT delivered a fantastic presentation about the convergence of Marketing and IT at Motorola. This got me to thinking about my working experiences.

As a Project Manager at OppSource, I work with our clients, focusing on inbound activities, outbound email strategy and planning, and ensuring that our programs deliver the inquiries necessary to keep our internal call team busy developing MQLs. How do I do that? With the help of IT. IT is the backbone to what we do. They have created, developed, and built the OppSource platform (with the help of Account Services and Creative, of course) that will provide our customers with access to features like account optimization and lead triage. The system has been built based on what our clients have shared with us as important qualities.

Marketing and IT have joined forces at OppSource to also create a high quality user experience with our dashboard feature. We wanted to create a place where Marketing and Sales can go to have complete visibility, no matter if the information they are looking for is in-depth or just an overview of top data points of a recent email campaign. The relationship between our Development Team and the Account Services Team has got us to this point. I see our relationship moving forward being extremely successful. I see a lot of anniversaries between Marketing and IT in our future.

Eduardo’s job title says it all. Not only is he the head of Marketing, but he is also the head of IT. IT can no longer be behind-the-scenes. IT needs to become a client-facing function to achieve a client-centric brand and optimal results. Here at OppSource, we are on our way to making this a reality.

What I have learned from my own experiences and what was reiterated by Eduardo last week was this: In order for our clients to achieve great things, Marketing, Sales, and IT all need to get along and work together. It is essential to the success of our clients and our organization.

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