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Attract, capture and convert

Today, the buyer is in charge. They do most of the research and decision-making online before they even want to engage with your sales team. Inbound marketing is crucial for integrating yourself within a prospect’s decision-making process. Becoming seen with a strong web presence in the right locations will attract the right kind of inbound inquiries, so where do you start?

 At OppSource, our key processes and strategies that help achieve a successful inbound marketing plan are:

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A content assessment that reveals the gaps and includes a plan for re-purposing and creating new content for specific targeted roles


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An integrated call-to-action mapping plan for content that incorporates blogs, social media, PPC and landing pages


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A keyword-win strategy incorporating content, landing pages, your website and social media

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Analyze and track competitor placement


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Conduct an inbound capture assessment


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A Moment-of-Interest Marketing™ recommendation that will substantially improve your inbound lead conversion rates

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In a marketplace of B2B buyers who expect instant information, inbound leads are a marketer’s dream. They tend to be highly interested, have self-identified as a good fit with for company, and are looking for answers now. Contact us to learn how we can help with your inbound marketing efforts.

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