Why you Need Auto-dialer Software Built into your Sales Development Platform

Lead Nurturing ‌• August 30, 2017

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As a sales manager who is constantly trying to optimize outreach efforts and sales cycles, an auto-dialer is an often underutilized tool that you can implement to maximize your sales. auto-dialers are quicker and offer much better insight than traditional phone or VoIP system

Specialized sales dialers give your reps a powerful competitive advantage. Not only do they accelerate productivity, but they also raise connection rates and make your SDRs’ conversations more successful. That means more revenue in the pockets of your business.

So how are they more effective? Let’s discuss why you need auto-dialer software built into your sales development platform.

What is an Auto-Dialer?

Before we move into the benefits of an auto-dialing system, let’s take a moment to define just what the feature is and how they’re used. Auto-dialers or predictive-dialers have become one of the most popular features to decide when computer-determined telephone outbound systems should contact a prospective customer.

In its essence, a dialer is an electronic device that is connected to a telephone line to monitor the dialed numbers and alter them based on a predefined set of factors, values or algorithms. An auto-dialer helps agents close more sales by increasing productivity and efficiency, boosting personalization and visibility, and pinpointing the perfect time to call.

Now that we know a little background about auto-dialers, let’s discuss how they can help you boost sales and increase profits.

Desk Phones Aren’t the End-All

When SDRs are conducting outreach efforts, they’re spending valuable time researching prospects before reaching out to them. While this is great, they’re most likely conducting this research on a number of different platforms or devices, all sourced from various areas.

Dialers can now trigger CTI screen pops that deliver contextual prospect data in aggregate from a variety of data sources. This can help slash the time reps spend researching prospects before calls. Viewing contextual data from a single location can also help reps have more successful outbound (and inbound) phone calls.

Getting More Prospects to Pick Up

Even though today’s world is much more connected, it seems harder than ever to get prospects to pick up the phone when you call. People seem very wary to answer when they receive calls from an out-of-state area code or a toll-free number, in an attempt to avoid any unsolicited sales calls.

Prospects these days are much more likely to answer the call should it be from a local area code. Local presence dialers give sales development reps the power to automatically dial prospects from numbers with local area codes. This can enable them to spend more of their time actually qualifying and selling to leads.

Getting Accurate Call Data and Improving Success

Sales managers need to pinpoint useful data so they can make revenue projections and evolve their sales strategies according to successes and failures. But a common problem that sales managers face is SDRs not entering call data into their CRM. The most likely scenario after an SDR completes a call is to engage in a follow-up task, such as sending a thank you email or a quote, or they continue on with their call list, meaning valuable data is never recorded.

With an auto-dialer, you can change that. Dialers will automatically capture call data, and even record calls, while aggregating the key information within your sales development platform. Not only will this give your SDRs more time to sell, but you as a manager will get an instantaneous view of your reps’ call activities.

Try Out Auto-Dialers Today and Watch Sales Soar!

There’s no doubt that auto-dialers will give your sales team the edge they need to make more sales. With increased productivity, improved access to prospect data and a more personalized way of outreach, auto-dialing is a must-have for your sales development platform.

If you’re looking for a sales platform that features a built-in, optimized auto-dialer, OppSource’s sales development platform features a fully compliant automated and sequenced click-to-dial calling for any pursuit queue. Our platform has the features you need to implement and aggregate call data into your overall sales strategy.

Interested in learning more about our sales platform features? Get in touch with one of our account representatives today!

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