Are you letting your competitors e-Disrupt your customer base?

Uncategorized ‌• June 30, 2015

Are you letting your competitors e-Disrupt your customer base?

  • How much time do your quota sales people spend prospecting?
  • How much time do they spend selling?
  • How much time do they invest in account management, protecting and expanding the relationships they/you have with existing customers?

We’ve all heard how the Internet has changed everything – especially the information advantage that it has given to buyers. But there is another trend that is at work and negatively impacting today’s sales professionals — the new “Solution as a Service” (SaaS) economy. The SaaS economy has doubled down on the shift in power to the buyer and away from the seller. Gone are the days of big upfront purchases that “lock in” customers to an upfront buying commitment. It is replaced with a “pay as you go” approach that is being applied to everything from software to car insurance. As a result, today’s B2B salespeople find themselves pulled into a new role — Account Management. The responsibilities that come with this new role do not show up on their job descriptions anywhere. Why? Because they know their compensation plan depends on customers continuing to pay their monthly SaaS fees. On top of that, their “happy” SaaS customers are their best source of upsell and cross-sell opportunities, not to mention referrals to potential new customers.

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If that were not enough motivation, there is also the changes that the SaaS economy is having from a competition perspective. Today’s internet induced SaaS economy has opened the door for competitors to continuously “e-Disrupt” the customers of their competitors with messages, offers, and campaigns designed to put their competitors on the defense and create all sorts of issues and in turn, a “SaaS Switching” opportunity in the minds of vulnerable or “unprotected” customers.

The net result is that many sales teams end up playing defense by default because there is no time left over to play offense. In the world of B2B selling, prospecting has become a sophisticated process and along with it, a need for a dedicated offensive strategy staffed by a special team of well trained prospectors and lead developers. However, many organizations are still relying on their “All-in-One” sales strategy and in turn are expecting their salespeople to prospect, pursue, close and do account management. These organizations are the most vulnerable to the progressive competitors who are employing dedicated offensive prospecting and “e-Disruptive” strategies, often forcing their sales teams into reactive and defensive maneuvers just to keep their existing customers.

So how do you fight off this hidden, but powerful market threat being executed by savvy competitors?

An offensive strategy is one where you are disrupting your competitors’ customer bases and are planting all kinds of disruptive messages that are likely force your competitors into a defensive posture with their own customer bases.

Prospecting circa 2015 has become a technology-centric effort and requires a level of specialization, sophistication and responsiveness that your quota reps were never trained to do, don’t have enough time in any given day to do, and frankly don’t enjoy doing it in the first place.


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