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Databases ‌• April 26, 2013

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As you well know, B2B marketing isn’t easy, especially when you’re trying to sell complex solutions in a packed marketplace. It can be hard enough to get the right message out the door (you know, the one that conveys value clearly and succinctly without sounding too generic or vague). Unfortunately, with more and more organizations involving entire teams to make purchasing decisions, if your messages aren’t connecting with all decision-makers and influencers at an account, you might be shooting yourself in the foot.

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On our webinar this week, we dissected what goes into the secret sauce of effective account-based pursuit with our friends over at Response Capture. As you’re probably not surprised to know, it all comes down to data and processes. To effectively get after entire accounts (and not just contacts as you may be doing now with the help of a marketing automation platform), you need:

  • The right data mentality. Don’t roll your eyes! If you aren’t  thinking about your long-term data acquisition/cleansing/optimization/segmentation plans, you’re only hurting yourself. You’ll end up with a database that’s largely irrelevant or expired and all that great messaging will go nowhere.
  • The right Total Addressable Market (TAM). Key to your data mentality is having the right TAM. You must know who makes up your TAM, what percentage of this universe you have in your database currently, and how you can get the rest of it. You’ll end up with a lot of responders Sales doesn’t want if your database doesn’t match your TAM.
  • The right strategy for data augmentation and acquisition. Roles change. Organizational structures change. People leave jobs. This is not news to you–why is it news to your database? You need a solid plan for keeping your database continually optimized.
  • The right plan for execution. Getting all the right contacts at an account in your database and appropriately segmented is great–now how are you effectively communicating with them?

The bottom line is this: no one person in an organization is likely to make a final purchasing decision. Having the plans, capabilities, and processes to effectively pursue entire accounts is critical to effective selling in a complex B2B marketplace. Check out the account-based pursuit webinar and see how you can bring these tips (and others!) together to effectively pursue entire accounts, not just contacts.

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