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The Ultimate Sales Development Platform

    • Sales Development Dashboard – our Daily Pursuit Queue organizes your sale development day around the way you work and prioritizes your daily prospecting efforts to meet your goals.
    • Moment-of-Interest™ Alerts – actually get connected with prospects in their moments of interest. Improves connect rates by up to 9 times.
    • Sales Development Campaigns – with our PursuitPlans™ you can create single or multiple phone, email, voicemail and social touch points that make it easy for you to consistently stay on top of every lead.
    • Contact Engagement – All-in-one contact engagement screen eliminates the typical screen hopping required when using CRM systems for sales development activities.
    • Social Media Integration – easy to use automated links to key social media sites; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Insideview with total flexibility to add new plug-ins for your own data sources.
    • Auto-dialer – fully compliant automated and sequenced click-to-dial calling for any pursuit queues.
    • Account Intelligence Tracking – With our Attribute Builder, you can setup custom fields for tracking account and contact intelligence to support your sales development efforts.
    • Marketing Content Library – setup your own content library for using corporate and your own content in your sales development campaigns all tracked back to your Moment-of-Interest alerts.
    • Email Templates – setup your own data-driven email templates to enable personalized sales development outreach.
    • Sales Ready Opportunity – deliver sales a neatly organized account-based opportunity report with all historical lead development activity in an actionable form that sales reps will want to pursue.
    • Opportunity Scoring – flexible scoring configuration to accommodate your company’s opportunity scoring model (e.g. ANUM, BANT, FANUM, etc.)

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