Account-Based Marketing – Inviting everyone to the party

Marketing ‌• September 12, 2013

everyone's invited

There’s a lot of talk these days about account-based marketing and what it takes to pursue accounts and not just contacts (we talk about it plenty!), which is fascinating because most companies (and the tools they use) are still best equipped to pursue individuals rather than the groups of decision makers that will actually determine their fate. If you were planning a party, would you send an invite to just one person in your neighborhood (or one co-worker or one relative) and assume they’d tell others? Of course not–you’d invite everyone you want present. It’s the same with your B2B marketing.

Hand off more fresh leads that are sales ready

As you start your 2014 planning, you too might be wondering how you can more effectively pursue all those decision makers so that the leads you pass on to your sales team include the relevant peers of the person who actually showed interest. In our latest whitepaper, we lay out five steps for making account-based pursuit a reality, including:

  1. Triaging incoming leads so that only those that actually fit your Total Addressable Market are pursued. Marketing Automation Platforms are great at qualifying leads based on activity but aren’t always great at telling the difference between someone who’s just doing a bunch of research and someone who fits your buyer criteria.
  2. Taking the time to figure out who is likely to influence a buying decision. It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how often this gets pushed between Marketing and Sales (Marketing saying it’s Sales’ job to figure out who in the account needs to be involved and Sales saying it’s Marketing’s job to give them all the information they need to dig further into a lead. More on this in last week’s post.).
  3. Creating nurturing workflows specifically for added contacts. If Sally opens your email about an upgrade offer and then you add her boss Ron, use what you know about Sally to your benefit. Because she opened a message about upgrading her software platform, there might be an internal discussion going on about whether it’s time for an upgrade. When you reach out to Ron, don’t just throw him in your “new contact” nurturing cycle, use what you’ve learned from Sally’s activity to send him a tailored message about some of the new features available in the latest upgrade.

Making account-based marketing a reality isn’t an easy venture, but it’s worth the effort. Besides, do you really want to go through the effort of hosting a great party and just hoping the right attendees show up?

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