8 Years and Counting

Of Research, Innovation, and Sales Acceleration.


OppSource is focused on accelerating prospecting for B2B sales teams. From our beginnings as an outsourced service provider, we learned and developed the best practices for pursuing, engaging and developing sales-ready leads that sales teams actually want to work on. We took what we learned and crafted a world-class, market-leading sales development platform. Our sales development platform helps sales prospectors automatically organize their day, engage with their prospects in their moments of interest, and orchestrate and automate the many follow-up touches required to develop sales opportunities with today’s B2B buyer.


Constantly Innovating

We believe every day presents new opportunities for improving our product, our service and customer experience.

Fueling Growth

Helping today’s B2B sales organizations modernize their sales engagement is in high-demand and fueling our growth

Focused on results

Our mission is squarely focused on helping companies modernize their sales engagement and improve their lead-to-revenue conversion cycles.

Our History
An Oppsource Team Party With Family and Friends
A party of Oppsource friends and family in 2015

From our founding, OppSource has focused on helping our B2B customers make sales prospecting and engagement easier. We started our business in one of the worst economic down cycles in modern history. While it was one of the worst times ever to start a business, it also turned out to be one of the best times for us to gain the experience and knowledge necessary to build a world-class sales development platform.

How did we do it? A couple of our early customers asked us to take on sales prospecting and lead development services as an outsourced provider. Because of the economic recession of 2008, uncertainty had forced many companies to reduce their marketing staffs and other non-revenue employees. This gave us the unexpected opportunity to not only stay in business, but actually grow.  

After hiring a staff of sales developers, we got to work at pursuing and developing leads into sales ready opportunities. Unlike other telemarketing firms who only verified a lead as a real contact, we chose to go the extra mile. We wouldn’t just follow-up with the contact, we’d also pursue other key influencers and decision makers that our end-customer sales teams wanted to engage with. However, we found this process required a lot of orchestrated attempts and outreach touches to get what we desired – sales-ready opportunities.  

The antiquated CRM systems we were using were simply not designed to manage all the email, phone call, voicemail, and social media direct message attempts required for each contact. It required too much manual data entry and tracking to log all the attempts, let alone follow-up calls, emails and tasks. We needed a data-driven system that prioritized, organized and automated all these pursuit attempts.

Since no such tool existed, we developed our own.

Over the next six years, we learned about best practices, inbound versus outbound, complex versus transaction sales and a whole lot more. Each new client presented new opportunities to further expand our sales development platform to do more prioritizing, organizing and automating. The net result is a system that makes business developers do more and more.

Our platform became a competitive advantage for selling our services. As we were building our services business and our platform, something big happened in the marketplace at large.  Consumers both young and old were starting to radically change their shopping behaviors, moving from brick-and-mortar to online purchasing. Consequently, B2B sales processes have had to change to keep up with today’s shopper.  

The OppSource Sales Development Platform was designed to facilitate meaningful conversations with these modern B2B buyers. Our solution was perfectly timed with a large market problem: B2B sales organizations are transforming how they are organized and how they execute. The result is a specialized sales platform that handles the many steps it takes to develop a lead into revenue. OppSource is right there doing what we have always done – helping our customers modernize their B2B sales engagement process and accelerate their lead to revenue.

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