6 Ways to Build a World Class Sales Development Team [INFOGRAPHIC]

Content Marketing ‌• February 2, 2017

Sales Developement Team

How does your company’s SDR team rate against that of your competitors? What is the industry standard for basic pay and bonus structures? What percentage of SDR’s should be reaching quota? How long should you expect your reps to stay with the company?

A report compiled by the Bridge Group reveals how 355 leading B2B at companies manage their pay and reward schemes. The report provides invaluable insights into how metrics and compensation have evolved over time for sales development teams.

Hand off more fresh leads that are sales ready

All the answers to the questions above and the key report metrics have been summarized by our friends at OnePageCRM into the handy, 6 Ways to Build a World Class Sales Development Team [Infographic] – below.


Sales Development Team Infographic - SDR infographic

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