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Make it easier for your SDR team to always know their next step
Oppsource - Sales Development Software
  • Are you tired of spreadsheet hell? Replace your static lists with a system that automatically builds your TouchPlan queues for your SDR’s.
  • Do you love pulling up your screen and knowing exactly who to call first? Organize your SDRs day.
  • Do you want to have a better chance of meeting your goals for the month? Spend more time talking to people who want to talk to you with Moment of Interest alerts.

"PursuitPro gives us the ability to more effectively manage our SDR team and drive incredible SDR productivity.”

VP Marketing - Enterprise Software Firm


VP Marketing - Enterprise Software Firm

"PursuitPro gives us the ability to more effectively manage our SDR team and drive incredible SDR productivity.”

“We increased the productivity of our SDR team by over 300% thanks to PursuitPro.” 

CMO, SaaS Firm


CMO, SaaS Firm

“We increased the productivity of our SDR team by over 300% thanks to PursuitPro.” 

“Working with OppSource PursuitPro has totally changed our sales prospecting game.  I love it, and my SDRs love it.” - 

Director of Sales Development, IT Services Firm


Director of Sales Development, IT Services Firm

“Working with OppSource PursuitPro has totally changed our sales prospecting game.  I love it, and my SDRs love it.” - 
Organize your entire sales development day

Daily Pursuit Queue organizes your sale development day around the way you work and prioritizes your daily prospecting efforts to meet your goals.

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Create your Sales Development TouchPlans

Create single or multiple phone, email, voicemail and social touch points that make it easy for you to consistently stay on top of each and every lead.

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Deliver account-based sales ready opportunities

Deliver sales a neatly organized
account-based opportunity report
with all historical lead development
activity in an actionable form that
sales reps will want to pursue.

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Moment-of-Interest Alerts to engage buyers at interesting moments

Actually get connected with prospects in their moments of interest. Improves connect rates by up to 9 times.

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Easy to manage and organize SDR lead assignments

PursuitPro was designed to make it easy for Sales Managers to measure, manage, and reassign SDRs.

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Composite contact screen for less screen hopping

Composite Contact Screen means that SDRs no longer have to navigate lots of browser tabs and minimizes the Screen Hops over typical CRM.

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Common Questions about Sales Development Software

There is no question that today’s B2B buyers have brought their consumer behaviors to the workplace. As a result, many companies are trying to offer these buyers more and more digital content. To make that happen, a growing number of companies are implementing Marketing Automation systems to manage and automate the delivery of digital marketing messages.

Marketing Automation Software hasn’t envisioned or accounted for the complexities of the corporate buying journey

The original promise of Marketing Automation was that it would provide highly scored marketing qualified leads to the sales team — automatically. While that was a great vision, in reality, it didn’t turn out that way. In the B2B market segment, Marketing Automation software never envisioned the complexities associated with a corporate buying journey.

A typical corporate buying journey today has, on average, 7 people involved in the process – but rarely do these 7 roles engage early with the marketing content that is being served up to them. Instead, a great deal of B2B marketing content is being consumed by people who are proxies for the real decision makers and influencers who are simply doing research for them. That doesn’t necessarily make them less valuable leads, it just floods the sales team with a deluge of Marketing Automation scored leads who don’t really represent a sales-ready opportunity. As a result, most sales professionals instead see these “scored leads” as a bunch of extra work. And they wouldn’t be wrong.

Prioritize quickly and efficiently

In addition, traditional CRM software was not designed to put so much emphasis on prioritizing, organizing and tracking the pursuit of digitally scored leads. While B2B proxy leads are not bad, they just represent a lot of work that quota sales reps don’t really have time to deal with. This has resulted in a lot of unclaimed and unspoken for work associated with marketing automation leads.

This dilemma is leading many companies to re-engineer their sales process and put in place a new sales role, called Sales Development. The Sales Developer’s job is to take the marketing scored leads and transform them into bonafide sales-ready opportunities that quota-driven reps actually want to pursue. To do that, today’s Sales Development Representative needs a set of tools that neither Marketing Automation or CRM systems have available.

Responding to Inbound Leads Isn’t Enough

Adding further complexity to the situation, many companies don’t yet generate enough inbound lead activity to solely rely on this channel of interest to hit their revenue targets. Sales Developers know that responding to inbound leads alone isn’t enough – and neither is outbound prospecting. To be successful, they need a good supply of inbound leads and a solid list of prospects they can pursue in an outbound mode. To manage that complex pursuit and lead development effort, they need a platform that seamlessly organizes both inbound and outbound and will allow them to develop a strong and healthy pipeline.

Imagine you are a skilled carpentry tradesman and your employer gives you a nail apron and a hammer as the only tools to do your job. In the age of automated air nail guns, you would be at a significant disadvantage in trying to do your job. The same is true for today’s new Sales Development Representative. Quite simply, you will want them to use specialized Sales Development Software because in doing so, their average lead-to-revenue results will see upwards of 300-500% improvement.

Automate, Prioritize, Track and Manage Lead Development

When you hire dedicated Sales Developers to do prospecting full time, they need prospect pursuit tools that will help them automate, prioritize, track and manage their lead development workflows. CRM systems were never designed to help dedicated sales prospectors with that volume and scale of prospecting activities. Rather, CRM was designed for the all-in-one salesperson much like the old-school nail apron and hammer used to be the carpenter’s tools of choice.

Personalized communications are crucial to connecting with your ideal prospects. Yet having to handcraft and send one-to-one emails is unrealistically time-consuming. Software that allows you to craft personalized messaging – but to send it in an efficient and automated manner – will allow Sales Development Representatives to connect with your prospects on a scale necessary to find the 3-5%[1] of your addressable market that are in the mood to buy your type of solution.

Catch them at their Moments-of-Interest..

But it is not just about personalization and automation, it is also about being able to engage these very scarce active prospects in their moments-of-interest. The PursuitPro Sales Development Software organizes moment-of-Interest prospects into a specialized outreach queue with screen alerts that make it possible for your SDRs to engage each of these digitally active prospects at the very moment they are actively engaged with your digital content or emails. This critical timing of engagement allows SDRs to engage prospects while they are thinking about the problems you solve and are the easiest to reach. Research proves that sales prospectors are nine times more likely to connect with the prospect if they reach out to them within five minutes of the prospect’s digital interaction[2]. The PursuitPro software automatically sends these Moment-of-Interest alerts in real time and accumulates them in a special Moment-of-Interest queue so they can be identified and acted on immediately.

Measure and Optimize

And of course it isn’t just about making each SDR more effective and productive, your sales managers will also need specialized reporting and analytics to help their SDRs optimize and continually improve their results. Sales development software should allow managers to easily see prospect connect rates across their Sales Development Reps as well as to see which SDRs are most effective at converting prospect conversations into sales-ready opportunities. Beyond the SDR metrics, sales managers should also be able to see what digital content and email messaging is performing best in terms of prospect engagement and which Touch Points in a TouchPlan are performing best.

The Sales Development Software should also track SDR activities against prospect connection and engagement by time of day and day of week as well. These critical activity and effort metrics are necessary data points to effectively organize and manage sales development teams. All of these prospect engagement metrics and KPIs will help you to continually fine tune your prospecting strategy and give you the performance data necessary to effectively train and coach your SDR team.

[1] From Vorsight Research done on B2B sales engagement research

[2] From prospect engagement research 2014

As stated earlier, if skilled craftsman carpenters were given a hammer instead of an air nail gun in today’s world, they would be at a huge disadvantage in doing their job. The same is true for Sales Development Reps who are expected to do prospecting full-time day in and day out.

Customers using OppSource PursuitPro like that fact that it is a system that was designed from the ground up to tackle the workflows associated with sales prospecting. Below is a list of the top features of PursuitPro we consistently hear fantastic feedback about:

  • Triaging inbound leads – not all scored inbound leads are worthy of pursuit. As an example, contacts with certain titles can be triaged and prioritized ahead of others. Additionally, if the expected next step in prospect pursuit is a phone call and the scored lead doesn’t have a phone number, it can be isolated and directed to a research queue instead of going into an SDR’s call queue. PursuitPro allows you to setup lead triage rules that filter and direct where certain leads should go including route-around rules that can send a scored lead directly to a field sales rep if there is CRM integration in place.
  • Engaging with prospect at their moment-of-interest – there is nothing like being able to engage with a prospect who actually wants to talk to you about the issues you have solutions for. The best time to do that is at the point that prospect is engaging with your content that is related to those issues. PursuitPro automatically routes prospects with real-time digital content engagement into a special Moment-of-Interest call list. Additionally, the system pings the SDR with an alert letting them know they have an active prospect they should focus on next.
  • TouchPlans to drive multi-step pursuit of prospects – As SDRs have to pursue multiple leads every day while using different outreach techniques each time, it becomes difficult to keep track of what the next touch is for the right next lead. PursuitPro was developed to automatically manage TouchPlans for every SDR. The PursuitPro TouchPlans are easy to use, but have sophisticated rules that allow SDRs to fine tune and optimize their outreach and prospecting efforts.
  • Email templates and automated personalized outreach – PursuitPro has a complete in-line content library that enables approved content and emails to be a part of pre-defined TouchPlans. Additionally, the content library has a “My Library” feature that allows SDRs to create their own templates and upload their own content or reference links to existing content anywhere on the internet. By using the inline content library and emails, SDRs get instant alerts when their prospects open or click through the content they’ve sent via email.
  • Custom Account and Contact Attributes – The PursuitPro system allows each using organization to setup custom data attributes that make it easy for SDRs to collect actionable account and contact intelligence. The Contact and Account Attributes enable and prompt the SDRs to easily and quickly ask discovery and qualification questions that can be recorded with the click of the mouse versus having to write answers into a free-form text notes field. Using this approach makes it easy to automate next step lead nurturing TouchPlans for leads that have been engaged and are not yet sales-ready.
  • Quick Contact Add – when SDRs are engaged with a prospect on the phone, they often are given additional names of people involved in the B2B buying process. The Quick Contact Add feature makes it easy for SDR to add new referral contacts without ever having to open a new screen or navigate to another part of the system. Adding referral contacts is a natural part of the SDR workflow so PurusitPro built this capability right into the main contact pursuit page. Additionally, these added contacts can automatically be put into a TouchPlan that will send a personalized message from the SDR as next step in their account-based sales development pursuit.
  • Complete SDR and TouchPlan Reporting and Metrics Reporting – Managing and optimizing SDR performance and results requires specialized data tracking, reporting and metrics. Unlike CRM systems that have no specialized prospecting activity metrics, PursuitPro was designed from the ground up to optimize the B2B prospecting process. Key reporting features include Day & Hour Dashboards, SDR performance scoreboard, Complete History Reporting, and TouchPlan Performance Reporting. In each of these, PursuitPro provides a generous amount of drill-down capability in live on-screen dashboards and reports that make it easy for both SDR and managers to troubleshoot and optimize an SDR’s efforts. PursuitPro makes it easy to export extensive data sets to spreadsheets for further analysis and customized reporting.
  • Data-Driven System Design – PursuitPro makes it so easy to pivot campaigns on a dime – swap out subject lines, change email copy that isn’t resonating, or even quickly reassign prospects and accounts to different SDRs. Because TouchPlans are driven off data variables at both the Contact and Account level, active prospecting TouchPlans can easily be transferred to a new SDR and all the personalization from the SDR is automatically inherited upon reassignment.
  • Moment-of-Interest Alerts and TouchPlans – PursuitPro was developed with the idea that today’s optimized sales prospecting has to intersect with prospects in their moments of interest. PursuitPro alerts SDRs when a prospect is engaging with digital content and enables them to more perfectly time their outreach. Engaging with prospects within minutes of their digital content interactions lifts connection rates by as much as 9 times[1].
  • Marketing Automation and CRM Integration – our heritage as a sales development service provider has given us plenty of insights into the lead-to-revenue process. We understand how important it is to integrate sales development into the automation systems you already have in place. PursuitPro has integrations with all popular Marketing Automation systems including Eloqua, Marketo, Hubspot, and Pardot by Salesforce. It also has integrations with as well as Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Experienced B2B Account Based Knowledge and Support – the DNA and experience of the entire team at OppSource is heavily concentrated on complex B2B sales and marketing. As such our ability to share best practices and help B2B customers with their overall lead development strategy is an huge added bonus.


[1] From prospect engagement research 2014

In a word, experience and a purpose-built solution. Unlike other systems that were designed originally around the “all-in-one” inside sales model, PursuitPro was incubated within a sales development services organization. The software was developed specifically to support B2B Sales Development Reps who used the early versions of the software to pursue and engage with millions of B2B leads across a wide range of organizations. PursuitPro is the resulting Sales Development Software that we believe is the definitive enabling tool for dedicated B2B prospectors who are looking to substantially improve their results.

"SportsEngine has increased our sales development team’s productivity by 300% using the OppSource Sales Development Platform."

-Angie Franks, CMO SportsEngine

SportsEngine Increases Sales Demonstrations Utilizing the OppSource PursuitPro™ Platform and Services

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