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Want to build more Sales Ready Opportunities? OppSource gets you there faster

OppSource’s Sales Development Platform gives SDRs multiple touch capabilities, allowing you to be more efficient by having more relevant conversations. When you can personalize your sales pitch, you stand a better chance of meeting quota. OppSource allows you to do just that with our built-in TouchPlan™ features. And good things happen when you make quota, from promotions to higher commissions.

There are two types of SDRs in today’s market – those driven by spreadsheets and numbers, and those driven by conversation. As a sales director, which type of salesperson do you want on your team? Those that engage in conversations with the customer will build stronger relationships and won’t spend valuable time messing around with spreadsheets. OppSource gives SDRs the purpose-built prospecting tools they need to effectively pursue and convert leads into sales ready opportunities.


SRO's - beat your quota with Oppsource's Sales Development Platform

Increase sales by 9X with Moment of Interest™ Alerts

On many sales platforms, data that SDR teams are calling on can be dated, sometimes working off of lists that are weeks old. Moment-of-Interest™ Alerts from OppSource will remove that latency.

With Moment-of-Interest™ Alerts, your SDRs have the power to respond to requests almost immediately. As soon as someone reads your brand content or submits a contact form, you’ll be notified so you can reach out to that user at their moment of interest. When you act quickly, conversions increase. In fact, catching people within 20 minutes of their first interaction increases your likelihood of connecting with them by nine times.

Conversations are the most important driver of sales. You can’t open up new opportunities until you engage in conversation with the customer. OppSource’s Moment-of-Interest™ alerts lets you direct your sales team to have more meaningful conversations, dramatically increasing the chance of a sale because you’re engaging them when your brand is fresh in their minds.



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Profitable Growth Starts With Lead Quality

As a sales director who wants his team to make quota, OppSource’s Sales Development Platform helps your salespeople identify and pursue more quality leads that are ready to close. With our software, leads are handed off to sales as Sales-Ready Opportunities.  They aren’t simply someone who raised their hand to ask a question – they’ve been fully vetted and developed, usually include engagement with multiple contacts in an account and are much more likely to close. When you have the OppSource Platform working for you, your entire department will save time and maximize their hours for engaging customers in conversation.

With our opportunity scoring function, you can ensure leads are fully qualified before handing them off.  This helps to build a healthier sense of trust among sales and sales development. It’s best for SDRs to guarantee the quality of an opportunity.  After all, you don’t want to hand your sales team a rabbit that is really a project disguised as a lead.

Opportunities require engagement, and engagement requires pursuit.  With OppSource, we let you easily set up custom touch plans for different types of leads which helps your SDRs minimize their busywork and optimize their pursuit and engagement.  The dashboard automatically organizes their day, serves up moment-of-interest leads, and automates the on-going lead pursuit required to reach today’s time constrained buyers.

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5 Critical Keys to Account Based Sales

There are many things that you could be doing to support your sales team in their account based efforts. As a sales manager that’s trying to improve outreach efforts, you need to engage customers in a meaningful conversation around your message and offer solutions to their problems.

If you’re searching for ways to improve your account based sales, here’s five critical keys that you should be aware of.

When you begin account based sales and marketing, ask yourself: who do you choose for your targeted accounts and why are you choosing  them?  You want to choose accounts that you know have the problems your solution/product is uniquely capable of solving.  Beyond that, you want to pick accounts who will warm up to the reference accounts that you already have as customers.  This often involves segmenting by industry segment, company size, and other success markers you know map to your ideal next customer profile.  

In the end, choosing similar accounts will  will let you take the nuggets of insight from each account engagement and conversation and use it in your next conversation. When you can reference a client’s history and use a message that you know will work, you can engage in much more meaningful sales conversations.

If you’re executing an account based strategy, which type of approach are you taking? Are you shotgunning it, working top down/bottom up or going for  referrals? Before you start any outreach strategy, you should ask yourself these critical questions:

  • Who are the people in the account that we’re going to target?
  • What do we know about those personas?
  • How can we stereotype titles and roles across the group?
  • What do we know about our target as a group?
  • Can we build personas around the titles we typically target?
  • Do we have a list of who they are?

Once you have a list of those people in your targeted accounts, you need to come up with a strategy to find an entry to start a conversation and introduce yourself. Pinpoint the marketing messages and content that you want to leverage – whether it’s outbound email campaigns, focused paid search campaigns, social media campaigns, or a combination of all of these, your outreach strategy should be built around your  ideal targets accounts and identified contacts.

When you have hundreds of accounts with 10-15 contacts each, you’re essentially running a campaign against potentially thousands of people. When you also consider that any given outreach effort typically  requires 10+ attempts to reach those contacts, you have to leverage automation.  Tools like the OppSource Sales Development Platform, enable you to orchestrate your messages and content to engage the your targeted contacts consistently. OppSource allows you to send personalized messaging at scale that is relevant to each contact across the targeted account.

Likewise, you need to have incredible content that’s self-paced. In today’s world, buyers don’t want to talk to a salesperson until they’re good and ready.  Your engagement typically starts by offering up compelling content and then intercepting them in those critical moments-of-interest.  With the simple opt-in on your landing pages, and email open or click-through, OppSource serves those digital events up as Moment-of-Interest Alerts on the SDRs dashboard.

With each of these messages, it’s critically important that you personalize your message – luckily, our software has the power to personalize a lot of different content at scale, while letting you see who is actually looking at the content and when. You’ll be alerted as soon as someone reads your content, giving you a huge advantage to reach out to that prospect at the moment  they show interest. This leads to a nine-times (9X) higher engagement rate and lets you have real conversations at the height of their interest.

When you’re conducting outreach, targeting people in these accounts, and  have them on the hook with a great piece of content, what steps will you take next that will lead to a sale?

The OppSource platform contains a unique feature that will help you with this, called the Sales Ready Opportunity report (SRO). This is a dossier of the entire life-of-a-lead that assimilates all the interactions, account intelligence, and information from each engagement and conversation with multiple contacts in the account.  The SRO is a time-sequenced story of how you developed the opportunity and provides the sales rep with the right context necessary to progress the opportunity into a sales. You won’t have to go into a CRM system to try and pick out all the historical tasks and notes to try and piece together the opportunity.  This orchestrated hand-off ensures that only high-quality opportunities are making it onto the pipeline, improves the close rates, and helps drive profitable revenue growth.


Every company has limited resources they have to maximize. If you start out with 100 targeted accounts, you don’t know what it’s going to take to capture their attention and have an engaging conversation. To help you understand how to allocate and optimize resources, you need the right set of activity, engagement, conversion reporting and analytics.  With the OppSource Platform, you have unique real time insights into what tactics are driving optimal engagement, conversion and lead quality. This will maximize your resources in the long term and ensure that you’re doing the right thing with the right contacts.

Drive Profitable Growth by Using these 5 Critical Keys of Account Based Sales

Pick the right accounts, know who the relevant contacts/roles are, and develop personalized outreach that provokes interest.  Engage your contacts in their moments-of-interest and don’t give up without a requisite level of pursuit.